Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Minda saya suruh saya lupakan awak. Tetapi HATI saya bilang tidak.

People used to say

When they see me and you. They always keep on asking us such this question:

1) Why dont you guys starts back?
2) Or, are you guys still in-relationship?
And the answer will always be, NEVER/NO. Unless "kita kahwin" :)

I realized.

You know what baby. The way you treat her way better than the way you treat me. You become a sweet person on earth when you're with her. You guys look so cute together. Am i jealous? I lied if i said im not jealous. Cos you know, ofc i'm jealous. but so what if i'm jealous? Nobody cares. I just miss being your girl. I JUST MISSED THAT MOMENT.