Sunday, March 28, 2010

Err, im NOT (!)

Aww, the one that i love wanna send me home and i feel like im so happy :) Eventhough you ngantuk apa semua you still nak hantar i balik . Thanks much lah, U keep accompany me to do my sejarah folio at mamak around 6 o'clock in the morning. How sweet are you lah kan ? Its really hard to describe im really get into you right now.

You kiss me, then tell me that im a good kisser i feel shy because you;re wrong :( Im not actually. Yeah nvm thanks fr your compliment. The most important thing you always mention that i was pretty than others && i have my own natural beauty . Baby, i dont know how to describe you . But, yeah right you're little bit sweet talker. But, i think im wrong because i know you susah nak puji orang. So thanks fr the pujian. Im really appreciate it. Tomorrow i'll be there in yr football tournament :) Cant wait to see you again, because when im with you i fell like P.Diddy hha. I dont think so. Btw, im sorry fr what i've done i tahu you're very dissappointed because of what i've done kan. Im sorry

Once again, i really fall in love with you eventhough i know you're her bf and i already have a bf -.-

Its true

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