Friday, August 20, 2010

Final Decision , Im sorry

Fuh, finally the trials already end -- Alhamdulillah :) Cant wait nak tunggu markah. I hope i'll get a good marks :D

Oh, what is my final decision ? Okay. This is fr you Hafiz.

First of all sorry kay, from now im not gonna text you all abt my life anymore okay. Fr short i dah tak nak contact u fr a few days. Maybe until the day u datang KL. Kay, sorry i buat decision macam takda reason. But actually ada its about that girl. I cant stand anymore Hafiz, when i heard u keluar dengan dia semalam i was fucking jealous. Then, i think i shouldnt contact you fr temporary. And this is my Final Decision. If u need me, you know where u can find me right ? Thats all. I'll be missing you :'( Tcaree. Btw, look at yr calendar what date is today. Did you miss our memories on the date ? I really miss the moment. Nahh, just forget the past. It just make me sad :\ I dont want to hurt myself dengan ingat balik semua tuu. I kan dya mana boleh sedih sedih haha. Big girls dont cry :D

Anyway people ; i really miss my old friends :( Guys, bila korang nak maafkan aku ?

Aisha, Sarah and Ety D:

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